JJ Lin's online concert experiences severe lag, viewers unhappy with organisers

Lagging quite bad.

Nyi Nyi Thet | July 10, 2021, 09:31 PM

JJ Lin broadcasted his Sanctuary Finale concert digitally on July 10, 2021.

Image from Sistic

Here are the prices for tickets.

The concert so far though has not been smooth streaming.

Here are some comments placed from a mix of JJ Lin's latest Facebook post, Isotope Productions, and Sistic's Facebook post featuring the concert.

Screenshot from Isotope

However, there appears to be complaints from all over, including the U.S., Taiwan, and Malaysia.

Which means the technological failings are not limited to Singaporean viewers.

Some tried whatever they could to make it load.

Image from Mothership reader

Here's a sample of some of our readers' experience with the concert so far.

There is a disclaimer in the concert sales page on Internet speed.

Doesn't appear to help though.

Sistic released a statement apologising for the technical errors.

Some fans in the comments however appear to be demanding a refund still.

At the end of the concert, JJ Lin addressed the issue of the lagging after thanking everyone he worked with, saying the lagging issues were a pity.

Lin said he will communicate with Sistic regarding the issue.

"Despite some technical flaws, some technical disruptions, we did it."

Mothership has reached out to Sistic and JFJ Productions, and will update the article accordingly.

Image from JJ Lin Fb page and Mothership reader screenshot