Ikea Taiwan selling adorable shark buns with black sesame filling at S$1.69 each

Baby shark do do do-do-do-do.

Karen Lui | July 14, 2021, 07:04 PM

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One of Ikea's most recognisable plushies is Blåhaj (pronounced Blaha), also known as the shark plushie.

Ikea Taiwan has taken their love for the beloved shark to the next level by selling adorable shark buns that have amassed great popularity in local stores.

Photo by Hsiuan Pei-Han on Facebook.

They may not look exactly like Blåhaj due to the lack of teeth but still make for an adorable sweet treat.

Shark buns with sesame filling

On July 12, Ikea Kaohsiung shared an advertisement of the popular shark bun with sesame filling that was selling for NT$35 (S$1.69) each.

According to the advertisement, it is made with wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, red bean, sesame, yeast, salt and soy bean powder.

Photo by 許雅惠 on Facebook.

Numerous netizens have praised both the looks and taste of the buns.

However, one Wei Cheng Sun said his daughter who tried the bun found that the outermost layer was "tough" but could not stop gushing about how cute it looks.

Often sold out since April in Taipei

A search on Facebook suggests that the adorable buns were available in Taipei at their Neihu outlet as early as April.

Their immense popularity has even led Ikea Taiwan to impose a purchase limit of two per customer in order to allow more customers to try it.

Sign translates as "In order to allow everyone to enjoy the delicious dish, each person is limited to a purchase of two sesame shark buns. While stocks last." Photo by 劉花花 on Facebook.

Another indication of their popularity is when they have signs to inform customers that the buns have been sold out for the day.

Sign translates as, "Thank you for your support of the sesame shark buns. We apologise as they have sold out for the day. We seek your kind understanding regarding any inconvenience caused." Photo by 周佩秀 on Facebook.

They have even resorted to selling a limited number of buns per designated time slots, which have also been snapped up quickly.

"Thank you for your support of the sesame shark buns, we apologise as they have been sold out for this time slot. The next time slot will open at 5pm. We seek your kind understanding regarding any inconvenience caused." Photo by Betty Huang on Facebook.

The store was "packed with people" that was "unlike a Monday", according to a customer who went down on May 3.

While Ikea Singapore has not brought the shark bun to our shores, they have recently launched a new lobster laksa spaghetti and fish and chips with nacho cheese sauce.

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Top images by Hsiuan Pei-Han and 許雅惠 on Facebook.