Gotham City type of clouds appear over Bendemeer S'pore

This was what you missed while in bed.

Belmont Lay | July 05, 2021, 04:52 PM

Monday morning, July 5, 2021 likely saw plenty of Singapore residents struggle to get out of bed as the weather was chilly and everyone's beds comforting.

Outside though, a storm was brewing over some parts of the island and those awake then who live to tell said it looked like Gotham City.

Cinematic dark clouds

One photo uploaded to Facebook showed a block of flats in Bendemeer near the food centre under an imposing sky.


The dark clouds masked the sunshine that was struggling to break through.

Travelling rain cloud

The dark clouds extended over to Bishan -- a prelude to the downpour, as well as beckoning a fascinating travelling rain cloud that brought intense rain over a small pocket of area at any given time.


Triple combo

Over at Marina Bay, the triple combo of sunshine, rain clouds, and a waterspout all made an appearance at the same time.

Double rainbows summoned

But the morning showers left as quickly as they came.

Two rainbows were visible after the sunshine broke through again, as seen from Dakota.


The double rainbows appeared just as the rain subsided and the clouds cleared to reveal blue skies.

Top photos via Siawfoong Chong & Jelmer Pok