Free disposable N95 masks & mouth gargle after National Day: Ho Ching

Stay prepared.

Zhangxin Zheng | July 07, 2021, 05:53 PM

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To ensure Singaporeans continue to be well-prepared in this pandemic, Temasek Foundation will be giving more freebies after this round of oximeter distribution.

In a Facebook post on July 7, Temasek Holdings CEO Ho Ching wrote that the next Stay Prepared exercise will involve distribution of disposable medical grade surgical masks and disposable N95 masks.

In addition, there will also be a distribution of mouth gargle, which can also be used as mouth spray, planned for September or October.

More details will be shared after National Day, she added.

Stay Prepared is a Temasek Foundation initiative that aims to help prepare communities for emergencies such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ongoing Stay Prepared exercise distributes free oximeters to every household in Singapore starting July 5.

The distribution of oximeters has received strong response in the first few days. Temasek Foundation assured in a post on July 7 that some collection points have run out of stock temporarily but will be restocked over the next few days.

The distribution will end on August 5.

Uncollected oximeters will be used for exchanges or they will be given to schools, Ho said in her post.

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Top image via Temasek Foundation/Facebook