Free cruise for all guests aboard World Dream ship with Covid-19 case

From land to sea.

Belmont Lay | July 14, 2021, 06:24 PM

All guests aboard the World Dream cruise ship will get tested after a passenger tested positive for Covid-19 on board.

As their trip was cut short, all passengers will also receive a free cruise by Dream Cruises on the same ship.

The letter for a free cruise would be issued within 14 days.

The announcement about the free cruise was made by the captain of the ship on Wednesday at 2pm, reported CNA.

It is understood that CNA has a personnel on board on a non-work-related trip.

Covid-19 testing for all

Covid-19 testing for all was announced by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) on Wednesday, July 14.

Disembarkation is to commence once contact tracing for the positive case was completed, STB's cruise director Annie Chang said.

Disembarkation was expected to start on Wednesday evening, the captain said on board.

Those identified as close contacts of the Covid-19 case would disembark via a separate route and gangway from all other guests, he said.

Passengers will be provided with meals if there are any delays in disembarking.

Passengers would only be allowed to leave Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore after a mandatory antigen rapid test (ART).

The ship's crew would also undergo the ART, even though they are routine tested every seven days.

Monitor own health

Close contacts of the Covid-19 case would be issued quarantine orders.

All passengers are also required to monitor their health for 14 days from the date of disembarkation.

They will have to undergo a swab test at a designated government swabbing facility at the end of the monitoring period, Chang said.


The World Dream cruise ship was carrying 1,646 passengers and 1,249 crew members,.

It left Singapore on Sunday, July 11, at 9pm, for a four-day "cruise to nowhere".

It returned to the Marina Bay Cruise Centre one day early at around 6.30am on Wednesday.

A passenger tested preliminarily positive for Covid-19, and has since been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case on land.

Singapore reported 56 new locally transmitted Covid-19 infections on July 14.

A total of 41 cases belong to a KTV lounge cluster.

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