Woman allegedly finds human tooth in fish & chips from Hougang stall

A different kind of toothsome meal.

Fiona Tan | July 08, 2021, 04:31 AM

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A woman in Singapore apparently got an extra serving of calcium when she allegedly found a human tooth in her fish and chips order bought from a coffee shop stall.

Image from Facebook.

A toothsome meal

The woman then took to Facebook on July 6 to share about her toothsome meal.

Screenshot image from Facebook.

She has since removed the post, as it is understood that she has accepted the stall's apology.

What happened

Prior to removing her post, the woman told Mothership that she noticed something was amiss on her second bite of her fish and chips.

Embedded together with the fish was an object with a foreign but familiar texture.

Spitting out the object, the woman said she was momentarily puzzled by it and thought it was a fish tooth.

This was not the first time the woman, who lives in Hougang, has patronised the stall.

Took a while to figure it out

Her friend, who was with her at the time of the incident, then pointed out that it appeared to be a human tooth -- albeit one that was discoloured and yellowish.

The woman said she was horrified and disgusted when she came to terms with the possibility she had someone else's tooth in her mouth momentarily.

The incident has traumatised her, she said.

Took food and tooth back

She brought the meal, tooth included, back to the stall, and was offered another meal in exchange.

However, the woman declined and requested for a refund instead, which she promptly received.

Screenshot image from Facebook.

The staff at the stall were apparently also shocked and bewildered by the find.

Stall at Hougang Avenue 5

Responding to comments on her Facebook post, the woman disclosed that she had bought the food from a coffee shop at Hougang Avenue 5.

When Mothership went to the coffee shop, the stall was closed for the day.

The fish and chips dish is sold for S$6.90 per serving.

Stall: Investigations underway

The stall owner told Mothership he was understaffed for the day, but business would resume on the next day, on July 8.

The owner said he is aware of the incident with the suspected loose tooth found in the fish and chips dish, and said he is conducting investigations internally to identify the origins of the foreign object.

So far, his two staff, who were manning the stall at the time of the incident, have been ruled out.

The stallowner said the tooth did not look like it belonged to them.

The business owner also said he has reached out to his suppliers for his food to generate some leads.

Tried to reach customer

Even though the stall owner has since reached out to the woman affected and apologised over the phone, the matter was not resolved immediately due to a misunderstanding.

The stall owner had attempted to reach out to the woman on Facebook initially, and told her to give him a call.

Unfortunately, his attempt to make contact via Facebook was blocked by the woman.

She told Mothership she had done so as she thought the stall owner was a scammer.

She said her "English is not good", and as a result, was unable to read his message.

Foul play

Given the peculiar circumstances, the stall owner said he has not ruled out the possibility of foul play, and would consider sending the suspected tooth for DNA testing.

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