FairPrice urges customers who spot wrong labelling to alert store staff immediately

The supermarket chain has a policy in place to resolve such problems which include either a refund or an exchange of products.

Zhangxin Zheng | July 26, 2021, 01:23 PM

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A shopper at NTUC FairPrice took to social media recently after discovering a discrepancy in price labelling for a chilled fish.

In response to that, NTUC FairPrice urges shoppers to alert staff members immediately when they encounter such situations so they can rectify the error promptly.

According to the Facebook post on Jul. 23, a red label printed on Jul. 23 was pasted over a blue label but the price on the red label was more expensive.

The shopper commented in her post: "When the discounted price is costlier than the actual price."

via Complaint Singapore/Facebook.

Several comments suggested that it could be an error in labelling or printing and asked the woman to inform the staff to resolve the problem.

It is unclear whether the woman made the purchase.

Alert the staff if you see mislabelling

In response to the incident, NTUC FairPrice said that they are aware of the photograph showing a labelling discrepancy at one of their stores and urged the customer to contact them to help with their investigation.

FairPrice said that accurate labelling is of "paramount importance" to them.

They urged customers who encounter similar situations to inform the store staff immediately.

For items with inaccurate labels, they have a policy to exchange products or offer a full refund.

Here's the post in full:

Top image via NTUC FairPrice/Facebook and Complaint Singapore/Facebook