Durian stall promoting durian husks kneeling pads to 87 people in S'pore (as of July 15)

Thorny situation.

Mandy How | July 15, 2021, 05:08 PM

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As of 12pm on July 15, 2021, the Ministry of Health has identified 87 people who might find themselves in need of some durian kneeling pads.

Incidentally (or not), that is exactly what 99 Old Trees Durian — a relatively famous durian brand in Singapore — is advertising on its Facebook page.

Punitive measures. Image via 99 Old Trees Durian/Facebook.

Each pair is going for S$99.

At time of its posting, only 41 sets of the Soul Redeeming Durian Kneeling Pads were on sale, but we're sure more has been made available since.

"Each husk is carefully chosen to cause maximum suffering in order to achieve soul-cleansing effect. Pads are designed to leave a mark not just on your knees, but in your memory as well," the stall guarantees.

The publicity stunt has earned 99 Old Trees a fair bit of praise.


A total of 33 new cases were added to the KTV cluster on July 15, making it a total of 87 cases so far.

Those who have visited any KTV lounges or interacted with any hostesses in the past 14 days since June 29 are encouraged to get tested, health minister Ong Ye Kung said.

"The entire testing process is confidential, and your privacy is protected, so get yourself tested," he added.

Top image via 99 Old Trees Durian, One Exclusive on Facebook