Why daily rituals are important: as told to a S’porean by S’poreans

From oral care to meditation and scented candles.

| Lean Jinghui | Sponsored | July 22, 2021, 05:57 PM

Between working-from-home becoming the default and celebrating milestones via Zoom, Covid-19 has forced many of us to adapt to the “new normal” with new routines.

Mask-wearing, for example, has become somewhat of a “ritual” in Singapore – a fixed action you now do regularly and instinctively, everytime you head out.

These rituals provide meaning where there is none; though the “why” varies with each person.

Case in point: Oral care (yes, daily flossing, and not of the dance variety) serves the dual purpose of promoting hygiene and boosting confidence for some; engaging in morning meditation is about reducing anxiety levels for others.

Whatever the purpose, research has shown that even the simplest of rituals can help manage extreme emotions and stress, especially in times of uncertainty (re: a pandemic).

It’s just about inventing what works for you.


Perhaps the most common example is that of self-care, which is all about what makes you feel good.

My parents, for example, enjoy taking short walks around the block every evening. It helps them reset after a long day at work.

Meanwhile, another friend enjoys unwinding with a hot cup of chamomile tea before bed, to “soothe the nerves”.

To look, smell, and feel fresh, still another friend engages in a personalised, daily oral care routine. This includes using antibacterial mouthwash after every meal.

As he puts it, a good oral care ritual is just like having a long, drawn-out shower, you come out feeling squeaky clean (yay to personal hygiene), and feeling like a million bucks (with infomercial-worthy white teeth).

Your partner will thank you for this.

For work

Some have also taken to work-related rituals (perhaps to create structure out of chaos) while working from home.

One colleague shared that to “set the mood”, she would tear the date off her table calendar, then light a scented candle before beginning work for the day.

Another shared that he often dresses for work, akin to if he was heading into the office (so no, not just from the torso up).

Dressing well helps him to maintain the boundary between the professional and personal; changing out of his work-from-home attire is like “clocking out” of work.

To reduce anxiety

Finally, there are the rituals that help us manage anxiety in the face of uncertainty.

One colleague shared that she meditates every morning after she wakes up, and before going to sleep.

This helps to calm her mind, and reduce her level of anxiety.

She describes the meditative process, which for her, typically lasts for 5-20 minutes intervals:

“I just breathe and try to convince myself that my thoughts are the result of overthinking, and I need inner peace.

You lay down flat, then slowly breathe in and out; you can feel your breath flowing from the top of your head to your fingertips, then to your toes. It’s as if your breath is going in and out and around.”

The New Smile Ritual

To kick-start your own new ritual for oral care, try out the New Smile Ritual by Zenyum, which combines everything you’ll need to both look and feel better.

The ritual comprises Zenyum’s newest bundle – the ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush (which can clean 100x faster than a manual toothbrush) and ZenyumFresh products – which include a day and night toothpaste, a mouthwash, and floss picks.

The New Smile Ritual

A closer look

According to Zenyum, while traditional oral care is about one toothpaste, used twice a day with a manual toothbrush, the New Smile Ritual equips you to take this to another level.

For example, the ZenyumFresh toothpastes, named Day! and Night., indicate the time of day they’re made for.

Both offer whitening capabilities (of course), but with additional specialised functions.

While the Day! toothpaste gets your day started – with enamel protection and eclipse-mint fresh breath throughout the day, the Night. toothpaste provides enamel repair and sensitivity relief for healthier gums.

Left for the morning, right for the night

This is complementary to the ZenyumFresh Breath Shield and the ZenyumFresh Floss, which keep your mouth clean in between the customary teeth brushing.

Before and after every meal

The Breath Shield, which is a mouthwash, can be used before meals or important face-to-face appointments (like dining out with that special someone), while the floss can be used after every meal (because what if you smile and there’s broccoli in your teeth?).

More information about Zenyum’s new, personalised smile ritual is available on their website.

ZenyumFresh is also available via Shopee, Lazada, and in selected Guardian outlets.

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