Jurong Fishery Port cluster rises to 741 cases, new Covid-19 cluster at Samy's Curry Restaurant

Samy’s Curry Restaurant will be closed to all members of the public from July 25 to Aug. 8.

Kayla Wong | July 25, 2021, 01:17 AM

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed 130 new cases of Covid-19 in Singapore on Saturday (July 24).

This brings the total number of cases in Singapore to 64,054. 

75 out of 127 new locally-transmitted cases linked to Jurong Fishery Port cluster

There are 127 cases of locally-transmitted Covid-19 infection today. 75 are linked to the Jurong Fishery Port cluster, while five belong to the KTV cluster.

There are 98 linked cases, of which 69 have already been placed on quarantine, while 29 were detected through surveillance.

29 cases are currently unlinked, the night report stated.

Amongst the cases are six seniors above 70 years old who are unvaccinated and are at risk of serious illness, said the ministry.

Three imported cases

There are three imported cases, who have already been placed on Stay-Home Notice (SHN) or isolated upon arrival in Singapore.

One was detected upon arrival in Singapore, while two developed the illness during SHN or isolation.

Free testing for those who visited Samy's Curry Restaurant between July 19 and July 23

Samy's Curry Restaurant at 25 Dempsey Road is among the two new clusters reported today.

MOH is investigating cases of Covid-19 infection involving individuals who visited Samy’s Curry Restaurant.

To date, they have detected eight cases linked to the cluster, and epidemiological investigations have found that there is likely ongoing transmission at the restaurant.

To break the chain of transmission and enable deep cleaning of the premises, Samy’s Curry Restaurant will be closed to all members of the public from July 25 to Aug. 8.

All individuals who work in the restaurant have been placed on quarantine, and will be tested during quarantine.

To quickly uncover any community infection cases, MOH will also extend free Covid-19 testing to members of the public who had visited Samy’s Curry Restaurant between July 19 and July 23.

Please refer to this website for details on the testing operations.

All visitors to the Dempsey area are advised to monitor their health closely, and minimise social interactions as far as possible, for 14 days from their date of visit or interaction.

They are encouraged to see a doctor immediately if they feel unwell.

26 active clusters

In total, there are currently 26 active clusters, ranging between three and 741 infections.

MOH has been monitoring existing clusters for any further transmission. As there have been no more cases linked to the Case 64184 and Case 64264 clusters for the past two incubation periods (i.e. 28 days), the clusters have now been closed.

Increase in community cases

Overall, the number of new cases in the community has increased from 238 cases in the week before to 1,027 cases in the past week.

MOH said the country is likely to continue to see high number of cases in the coming days as the ministry steps up efforts to detect them to contain their spread in the community.

The number of unlinked cases in the community has also increased from 17 cases in the week before to 120 cases in the past week.

The 7-day moving average number of all linked community cases and all unlinked community cases are 129.6 and 17.1 respectively.

Condition of hospitalised cases

490 cases are currently warded in hospital. Most are well and under observation.

There are currently 12 cases of serious illness requiring oxygen supplementation, and one in critical condition in the intensive care unit (ICU).

None amongst these 13 cases is fully vaccinated. Nine seniors above 60 years, who are completely unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, have fallen very ill.

A 83-year-old female Singaporean, has passed away from complications due to Covid-19 infection.

The patient (Case 64342) resided at Bukit Merah View and was linked to the 121 Bukit Merah View cluster.

She developed symptoms on June 16 but did not seek medical attention until she was conveyed to National University Hospital on June 18.

She had not been vaccinated against Covid-19, and had a history of hypertension and hyperlipidaemia.

In total, 37 have passed away from complications due to Covid-19 infection.

There is continuing evidence that vaccination helps to prevent serious disease when one gets infected, MOH said.

According to MOH, there is continuing evidence that vaccination helps to prevent serious disease when one gets infected.

Over the last 28 days, 11 local cases required oxygen supplementation, were admitted to ICU or passed away.

Six were unvaccinated, while five were partially vaccinated, and none was fully vaccinated.

MOH urges everyone eligible, especially seniors, to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Seniors can do walk-ins at any vaccine centre for their vaccinations.

They can also book an appointment through the vaccine.gov.sg website.

They also urge partially vaccinated individuals to bring forward their second dose appointments so they can be fully protected earlier.

Progress of vaccination programme

As of July 23, the total number of doses of Covid-19 vaccines administered was 7,060,589, covering 4,217,627 individuals.

2,963,275 individuals have completed the full vaccination regimen, consisting of 120,313 recovered persons who received at least one dose and 2,842,962 who received their second dose.

In addition, 81,227 doses of Sinovac vaccines were administered as of July 23, covering 67,373 individuals.

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