Residents in need can shop for free at Woodlands community store

They can take up to nine items a month.

Siti Hawa | July 13, 2021, 03:44 PM

A community store for residents in need to shop for free has opened in Woodlands.

The opening of Store@Woodlands was announced by Sembawang GRC MP Mariam Jaafar on Facebook on July 13.

These residents would be able to shop for up to nine items each month for free.

Take what they need, not what others think they need

Mariam explained that even though its beneficiaries were regularly given food rations, some of the items might not be suited to their dietary requirements or taste.

As a response to this quagmire, the community store would stock items that are not usually found in food ration bags such as oyster sauce, curry powder, kicap manis, chocolate and snacks.

Some of the items that have been "flying off the shelves" include Nutella.

The store currently has 1,800 items on its shelves, with more in storage.

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook

Other items that are available include:

  • rice
  • bee hoon
  • instant noodles
  • canned food
  • cooking oil
  • condiments
  • toiletries

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook

Official launch on Aug. 1

Store@Woodlands will be officially launched on Aug. 1, 2021.

With the help of community gardens, fresh vegetables will be available for selection at the store from the official launch date.

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook

Setting up the store

Mariam and a team of volunteers reached out to potential donors in the community to set up the community store.

Woodlands Digital Office developed an inventory tracking system, a welfare team obtained shelves and storage space, and Woodlands Design Studio designed membership cards, logos, posters and signs.

In addition, food ration volunteers "spent nights" putting a barcode on every item and stocked the shelves with food.

Mariam also pointed out that many of their volunteers were seniors.

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook

How to donate

Members of the public who are hoping to make a contribution can do so by donating food and other essential items at an RC Center or Woodlands Community Club.

All items will be brought to the store once a week. Items that are prioritised are listed in the poster below.

Alternatively, you can make a financial donation online via Give Asia here.

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook

Photo via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook


Address: Store@Woodlands at Blockk 852

Opening hours:

Mondays, 7pm to 9pm

Last Sunday of every month, 1pm to 3pm

Top photos via Mariam Jaafar/Facebook