Bug-eyed colugo at Lower Peirce Reservoir is perfect meme material

The face you make when you're caught red-handed.

Ashley Tan | July 11, 2021, 03:14 PM

One hiker in Singapore recently came across a very surprised colugo at Lower Peirce Reservoir.

If you're not sure what a colugo is, here are some close-up photos, which the hiker, James Peh, managed to snap.

Take a look at its bug-eyed features.

Photo from James Peh/ FB

Its large glassy eyes give it a permanent look of astonishment.

Or perhaps it was just taken aback at a human ogling it.

Photo from James Peh/ FB

Gliding mammal

If you're wondering exactly what kind of animal a colugo is, it's neither squirrel nor some sort of arboreal (tree-dwelling) cat.

Instead, their closest evolutionary relatives are primates. Although they are occasionally called flying lemurs due to their physical resemblance, colugos are not actually lemurs.

Oftentimes, those who come across colugos in the wild spot them clinging to a tree. This is because colugos travel from tree to tree by gliding — they can reach distances of up to 70m this way without losing much altitude.

The animals are extremely awkward and vulnerable on the ground, and will scale high up trees before leaping into the air and sailing to another nearby tree trunk.

In Peh's pictures, the thin membrane which helps the animal glide is not visible and folded underneath its arms.

Photo from James Peh/ FB

Their habit of gliding, however, has gotten them into trouble before when venturing out of the forest.

Such as this individual which got tangled up in barbed wire and had to be rescued by wildlife rescue organisation Acres (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society).

You can check out more of Peh's photos here.

Top photo from James Peh/ FB