Chee Soon Juan's cafe will offer takeaway orders, won't lay off staff during Phase 2 (HA)

Adjusting to new restrictions.

Sulaiman Daud | July 22, 2021, 11:29 AM

Like every other restaurant in Singapore, Chee Soon Juan's newly-opened cafe Orange & Teal is affected by the recent roll back to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

With dining in banned until Aug. 18, food and beverage (F&B) outlet operators have to make some big adjustments with limited time.

Staff will not be let go

In a Facebook post on July 22, the leader of the Singapore Democratic Party said that while the cafe will abide by the restrictions, it will pivot to offering takeaway orders.

Commenting on the restrictions, Chee said:

"After bouncing around, relaxing-then-tightening, opening-then-closing F&B outlets — all this within a month — the govt has now stopped dining-in for the next few weeks.

The decision-making process by these young ministers are lamentable. But that's a discussion for a future occasion.

For now, many outlets won't be able to take the withering measures. And it's not just owners. Employees, who also have bills to pay and mouths to feed, will be laid-off."

He confirmed that Orange & Teal will not be retrenching any of its staff .

Cafe will offer takeaway orders

Chee said: "We're open from today (11am to 8pm) for folks to come in and order lunch, dinner and everything in between for takeaway."

Beef brisket will also be served on Friday instead of Thursday (today) due to the restrictions, at least for this week. Chee added:

"So we're counting on you to help keep things going until we can open again in Aug. O&T was set up to have people dine in and experience the ambience. It's a blow now that you can't dine in.

But that's OK, we'll adapt and continue to grow even in the most challenging circumstances. Like the SDP, pah see buay zhao (get beaten, but won't leave)."

Chee also urged the public to support other F&B outlets as well during this tough period:

"Order in or buy takeaway. If we rally together in such trying times, we can help minimise pain for workers at F&B joints, especially the mom-and-pop stalls at hawker centres. Give them your support."

Customers interested in getting takeaway orders from Orange & Teal can make their way to #02-12 Rochester Mall located at 35 Rochester Drive.

The menu can be found at this link, and the eatery can be contacted at 6993 1006. You can see Chee's Facebook post below:

Top image by Chee Soon Juan and Hafiz via Chee Soon Juan's Facebook page.