S'pore actress Chantalle Ng forgot she drove to work, takes MRT to Mediacorp at 11pm to retrieve car

One of those days.

Tanya Ong | July 14, 2021, 04:35 PM

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On Monday evening (July 11), Mediacorp actress Chantalle Ng left for home and completely forgot that she drove to work that day.

She uploaded a series of Instagram Stories on Monday night documenting what happened after that, which was subsequently reported on by 8 Days.

Realised it only upon reaching home

In her Instagram Stories, she said that she had waited for about an hour for the rates to go down, as she had ended work at peak hour.

It was only after she reached home that she realised that her car was still at Mediacorp.

As she needed the car "super early" the next morning, she had "no choice" but to go back and get it.

Took the MRT back to Mediacorp

At this point, Ng faced with two choices: 1) Take a Grabcar back to Mediacorp to retrieve the car, or 2) Spend around 1 hour travelling via public transport to Mediacorp.

A screenshot of her Grab app showed that the ride would cost around S$30.

She ended up taking the train, documenting her journey on her Instagram stories and uploading a photo of her alighting at one-north MRT station.

She reached Mediacorp around 11pm, and even had a brief exchange with a security guard. According to Ng:

"Mediacorp security: Huh why you come here so late?!"

Me: "Yeah... I forgot the car"

*stares at each other in silence for a few seconds*

It was just "one of those days", she added in a separate Instagram story.

Photo via Chantalle Ng/FB.

Top photo via Chantalle Ng/FB & Instagram.