Canadian reporter blown away by 7-Eleven in Tokyo while covering Olympics

Japan envy.

Siti Hawa | July 27, 2021, 12:26 PM

Devin Heroux, a reporter covering the Tokyo Olympics for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, has been totally blown away by the 7-Eleven in Japan.

He then took to Twitter to share his finds at a local 7-Eleven store, which has since become his go-to place for all types of edible objects.

Upon arriving in Tokyo, Heroux realised that there was a 7-Eleven outlet in his hotel.

He decided that this might be a "great spot for coffee".

However, he soon discovered that 7-Eleven is also a great spot for a full-course meal.

Caffeine fix

In an article he wrote for CBC, Heroux revealed that the iced coffee selection was "out of worldly".

In addition, the lattes he made using the machine in 7-Eleven was "surprisingly great".

Unsurprisingly, he went back for his caffeine fix at 7-Eleven soon after.

Breakfast and dinner at 7-Eleven

Heroux began picking up other food items to try, including an Egg Salad Sandwich and mayonnaise-flavored potato snacks for dinner and Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky for dessert.

Late-night haunt

Soon, 7-Eleven became Heroux's go-to store for food after 18 hours of covering the Olympics and arriving back at his hotel as late as 2am.

Heroux added that Tokyo's 7-Eleven has been a popular place for other journalists.

In his article for CBC, Heroux further professed his love for the food at 7-Eleven:

"The sandwich selection is better than most grocery stores in Toronto — the egg salad sandwiches might be the best I've had."

He also added that his tweets documenting his 7-Eleven experiences have been circulated widely.

One tweet, which included a translation of Heroux's tweets about 7-Eleven, garnered over 18,000 retweets and 30,000 likes.

As a result, many people from Japan have been suggesting new things for Heroux to try at 7-Eleven.

Photo via Devin Heroux/Twitter

Photo via Devin Heroux/Twitter

Photo via Devin Heroux/Twitter

Photo via Devin Heroux/Twitter

Photo via Devin Heroux/Twitter

Photo via Devin Heroux/Twitter

Top photos via Devin Heroux/Twitter