British man, 40, charged for not wearing mask outside court after being charged for not wearing mask on MRT train

His S$5,000 bail has also been revoked.

Belmont Lay | July 21, 2021, 03:46 AM

British expatriate, Benjamin Glynn, 40, had a fresh charge slapped on him on Monday, July 19, for not wearing a mask within and outside the State Courts.

This was after he was on July 2 slapped with multiple charges, including failing to wear a mask without reasonable excuse, public nuisance, and using threatening words towards a public servant.

What happened when accused showed up to court initially

He had showed up to court for that hearing without a mask on and was told by officers and the judge to put one on properly.

During the first hearing, when asked by the judge if he intends to claim trial or plead guilty, Glynn told the court: “I don’t understand the options.”

The accused was then caught on camera leaving the the State Courts premises and taking off his mask.

Bail revoked, remanded

Glynn’s bail of S$5,000 has been revoked as a result of his fresh charge.

He turned 40 some two weeks ago.

He is in remand following his Monday court session.

He will return to court for a pre-trial conference on July 23.


Glynn was originally seen in a widely-circulated video not wearing a mask on an MRT train.

On May 7, past 11pm, Glynn was on the MRT train travelling from Raffles Place to Holland Village when he refused to wear a mask.

SMRT lodged a police report in response.

Alleged altercation with police

On May 9, at about 12:30am, Glynn allegedly used threatening words towards two police officers when he encountered them at the ground floor lift lobby of the Allsworth Park condominium along Holland Road.

Glynn lived there.

He allegedly told the officers, “I’m gonna f***ing drop you”, while adopting a boxing stance.

The police had showed up at Glynn's place of residence with regards to the July 7 incident on the MRT train.

Glynn told Daily Mail before he was charged the first time that Singapore should let him go since he wants to get out of the country.

He is now reportedly jobless.

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