Hyper realistic calico cat appears on 3D billboard outside Shinjuku station in Tokyo


Lean Jinghui | July 07, 2021, 10:46 AM

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Many travel destinations will look somewhat different by the time we visit again.

Tokyo is one of them.

While some places might have closed for good, new features can breathe new life into the city.

According to Soranews24, there is now a giant, three-dimensional (3D) calico cat outside one of Japan's most frequented train stations – Shinjuku.

Over three floors

In the video, which was taken on July 5 at 3:30pm, the hyper realistic cat is seen meowing as it moves back and forth atop its perch.

Timeout reported that the digital billboard spans over three stories tall, and features a curved LED screen which can display 4K images.

Accompanied by speakers with high-quality sound, this creates a life-like effect that is equal parts cute and uncanny – especially when the cat appears to be staring directly at you.

The billboard is currently located atop Cross Shinjuku Vision, a new landmark building situated across from Shinjuku station's East exit.

Premieres July 12

According to the Cross Shinjuku Vision website, the cat is slated to make its official debut on July 12.

Soranews24 reported that it will appear as if it is waking up in the morning, in conjunction with the onset of the ad loop at 7am.

The cat is then set to "fall asleep" at the end of the day, before the signage turns off at 1am.

It is also set to appear intermittently throughout the day – to meow and stare down at passing pedestrians in between the odd advertisement.

The 3D calico cat comes after other similar screens have popped up in China and Malaysia, where the ads appear to literally jump off the screen.

Top image via Twitter/@cross_s_vision