3 Asian students attacked by a gang of youths in Brisbane, Australia

Australian police are investigating the brutal assault.

Andrew Koay | July 08, 2021, 08:15 PM

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Australian police are investigating an incident that saw three Asian students attacked by a gang of youths in Brisbane.

The brutal assault was caught on a video that was apparently filmed by one of the attackers, reported News.com.au.

It has since been circulated on social media and online forum Reddit.

Dragged by the hair and kicked

The video of the incident shows a male — dressed in a black top and blue jeans — and two female Asian students wearing black and cream coloured clothes confronted by a much larger group of at least seven individuals.

One of the girls can be seen being pulled to the ground as the gang closes in on the students.

The male Asian student attempts to fight off the group but is set upon by multiple assailants.

Meanwhile, the downed Asian girl is seen on the receiving end of kicks and punches from other members of the gang.

"What are you doing?" the make victim shouts, as one of the girls is heard weeping.

"We didn't do anything to you," he adds.

The individual filming the attack can be heard repeatedly saying "gang sh*t" as the assault unfolds.

As the attack finally sputters out, one of the assailants walks towards the camera with a smug look on his face.

Police aware and investigating

According to Being Asian Australian, the victims are believed to be international students from Vietnam.

They were allegedly attacked on June 27, 2021.

News.com.au cited a statement where law enforcement confirmed they were "aware of the incident."

"Police have obtained the vision and are making follow-up inquiries," a spokesman said.

Top image from AsianAustAlliance Twitter page