Razer-backed live audio app Deepdive launches, focuses on professional networking

Users can earn “claps” and endorse speakers on specific skills.

Andrew Koay | July 22, 2021, 08:15 PM

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A new live audio app backed by Razer's corporate venture arm has launched.

Deepdive will join the likes of Clubhouse, Facebook, and Spotify as platforms offering a space for social media users to connect via audio conversations.

According to a press release by the Berlin-based app, Deepdive will focus on professionals; helping users grow in their personal lives and careers.

The app also features integration with LinkedIn while in-built functions like the ability to earn “claps” and endorse speakers on specific skills promises to foster credibility.

So far, the app has seen Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang; co-founder of Butter Jakob Knutzen; and Tim Christophersen, Head of the United Nations' Nature for Climate branch hosting invite-only rooms.

"Our mission is to help people grow through discourse, personally and professionally, creating value for each minute spent within the app," said Dmytro Boguslavskyy, the founder of Deepdive.

In keeping with its corporate focus, the app is also offering dedicated audio spaces to large enterprises for internal communication; companies like Razer and Volkswagen are cited in the press release as running pilots.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

"Intimate experience"

Apart from zVentures (Razer's corporate venture arm), Deepdive's press release names Imran Qaiser (founder of UAE Fennix) and Julia Kümper (founder of Ventreneurs) among their angel investors.

"The continuing rise of voice-based social media platforms ascertain the appeal of an intimate experience for users, particularly in the new normal we live in," said Cho Weihao, Razer's investment director.

"By removing the distractions of visual-oriented platforms, Deepdive provides an opportunity for users to focus on the quality of content delivered."

Other companies building live audio apps

According to The Verge, other companies like Slack, Reddit, and Discord have started building their own live audio apps as well, following a trend that started in March 2020 when Clubhouse first launched.

The pioneer app — which grew on an invite-only basis — saw increasing popularity during the pandemic.

Clubhouse has since removed the invite-only requirement for new users, reported CNN.

Top image from Tan Min-Liang's Facebook page and Deepdive