West Mall's KFC sends free meal with face mask & Kit Kat bar 2 days after delivering burnt food to customer

Happy endings.

Alfie Kwa | June 17, 2021, 11:25 AM

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The branch manager from West Mall's KFC outlet managed to placate a customer, who received his KFC's "Twister wrap" burnt on both sides, with the human touch in her service recovery recently.

Food order went wrong

Md Salem Kamsani wrote about his GrabFood delivery order from KFC West Mall in a Facebook post on Sunday (June 13).

In his post, Salem expressed how disappointed he was with the meal that arrived at his doorstep.

He ordered two sets of the KFC's "Twister wraps".

One was completely burnt on both sides while the other had a miserable amount of ingredients.

Customer's burnt KFC wrap. Image via Md Salem Kamsani's Facebook.

Customer's wrap with very little filling. Image via Md Salem Kamsani's Facebook.

He said that he tried to contact KFC directly to reflect the issue but was told to report this incident with GrabFood instead.

Image via Md Salem Kamsani's Facebook.

This initial email response from KFC was, however, disappointing to him and some commenters as they felt that it was likely an error from the kitchen crew.

Service recovery done in 2 days

In a subsequent update, Salem shared that the West Mall's KFC manager had responded to their complaint with a call two days later.

In addition, the manager also sent over complimentary KFC meals to them on June 15.

The order included three set meals consisting of two KFC wraps, a breakfast set, along with three drinks.

Image via Md Salem Kamsani's Facebook.

Along with the food, the "service recovery" also included a face mask and a KitKat bar in a ziplock bag as well as a note with a smiley face sticker.

Image via Md Salem Kamsani's Facebook.

Salem's update in his post ended off with a thumbs up emoji.


Top images via Md Salem Kamsani's Facebook.