Girl, 13, enters van & reverses it into drain in Telok Blangah


Belmont Lay | June 24, 2021, 11:33 PM

A 13-year-old girl in Singapore entered a van, engaged the wrong gear, stepped on the accelerator, and drove backwards into a railing, slid down a slope, and entered a drain.

The girl's glasses were knocked off but she was uninjured, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

The accident occurred on June 23 afternoon at the car park in front of Block 40 Telok Blangah Rise.

Two tow trucks were at the scene trying to lift the van out of the drain when a Wanbao reporter arrived at the scene.

What happened

One teenage girl, Rania, 15, said the van belonged to her uncle.

Rania said her sister was told by their uncle to pick something up from the van.

But Rania's sister gave the van's keys to a 13-year-old girl, who is a good friend of the two sisters, and all three of them usually play together.

Rania claimed that the 13-year-old girl somehow climbed into the van and started the engine.

But she did not know how to operate the vehicle and after engaging the wrong gear, she stepped on the accelerator by mistake and the van moved backwards.

The back of the van appeared damaged as it hit the side of the drain.

Went to the police

Rania told Wanbao: "My friend told me that she fell backwards and her glasses were knocked off. She couldn't stop until the van hit the railing, and the rear of the van got stuck in the drain. She crawled out of the car by herself. No injuries."

After the accident, Rania's sister and the friend, accompanied by her family, went to the nearby police station to record a statement.

Kumar, 40, the van's owner, who is the uncle of the two sisters, confirmed what his nieces said.

He said: “They are all children, so I can’t say anything. I received a notice from the Traffic Police at around 3pm before I knew that there was an accident."

Top photos via Lianhe Wanbao & Google Maps