TikToker claims he hid S$1,000 near MRT station & bus interchange in S'pore for people to find

Can this be real?

Tanya Ong | June 22, 2021, 05:35 PM

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Someone has taken to TikTok, saying they hid S$1,000 in certain locations around Singapore.

Series of videos on TikTok

TikToker @seathebreezee first uploaded a TikTok three days ago, claiming that he hid S$1,000 behind a MRT station in Singapore.

In his TikTok, he was seen holding a stack of S$50 notes, and placing it down on the ground behind some bushes.

He also said he would come back in three days to see if anybody finds it.


While the exact location was not disclosed, the surroundings appear to be near Pasir Ris MRT.

After about three days had passed, he uploaded another TikTok, saying that someone had taken the S$1,000 and left "S$2 behind".


On June 20, @seathebreezee had also posted another TikTok saying that he had hidden S$1,000 near a bus interchange in Singapore.

This was following a comment on his initial video asking him to "do another one in another place".


After some identified the surroundings to be Tampines bus interchange, Shin Min Daily News reported that they observed at least seven people in the area looking for the money.

Photos shared by the Chinese daily showed a handful of people squatting by the grass and holding a light to see between the bushes.

Some spent up to three hours looking for the money, but ended up leaving "disappointed", the paper reported.
It is unclear whether or not the TikToker had indeed left S$1,000 in cash at those locations, as some have also pointed out that the content creator might just be doing such videos to gain "likes".

Top photo via seathebreeze/Facebook.