Young man in Taiwan praised for carrying grandad downhill to get vaccine jab

His neighbour said it was the "most beautiful thing to see on earth".

Kayla Wong | June 16, 2021, 03:50 PM

A young Taiwanese man, who was photographed carrying his grandfather downhill to a vaccination site, has been praised by his neighbours for his filial piety.

Facebook user Zhang Zhe Yuan, who's an engineer living in Keelung city, posted a picture of the grandson carrying his grandad, along with the caption "the most beautiful thing to see on earth", Apple Daily reported.

The grandson is in his 30s, Zhang told United Daily News (UDN).

He added in his post: "Because they would like to take care of their family themselves, they have voluntarily stayed by their side in Keelung. I believe that many youngsters who chose to stay in Keelung feel the same."

Zhang further explained that he lives about 300 metres up the hill away from the vaccination site, which is a high school.

As the route downhill is rather steep, he had also witnessed many people assisting their elderly family members down the slopes by lifting and carrying their wheelchairs.

According to him, the young man who was captured in his photo was the only one taking care of two elderly family members. As there was a flight of stairs right outside their home before they could reach the road, it was faster to simply carry the grandfather down the stairs.

From June 15 onwards, seniors who are 85 years old and above are eligible to receive vaccinations in Keelung, according to UDN

Top image via Zheng Zhe Yuan/Facebook