Sweat-soaked man in Sengkang looks like WP MP Jamus Lim doing solo walkabout with no fanfare

He is known for going on house visits wearing polo shirts.

Belmont Lay | June 06, 2021, 04:57 AM

A photo of a lone sweat-soaked man walking past 316B Anchorvale Link in Sengkang was put up on Facebook on June 4, 2021, which generated interest as the person was identified as Workers' Party MP Jamus Lim.

A member of the public who took the photo claimed it was Lim going about his duties.

Her post's caption read:

Jamus Lim doing his rounds at Anchorvale. Quietly and humbly. No entourage, no paid photographers. Model MP.

Lim is currently the MP for the Anchorvale ward in Sengkang.


The photo was believed to have been taken on the first Friday of June, when temperatures in Singapore soared to a high of 34°C during the day.

What photo showed

Based on what can be seen from the photo, the man's face could not be identified as it showed his back view, while his gait and hair style could barely be made out from a distance.

However, the man's grey shirt that appeared drenched with a big dark grey patch of his perspiration bore an uncanny resemblance to a previous image of Lim, when he personally revealed the unglamorous side of politics while on his regular walkabouts before he was elected:


Wins praise

The photo of the grey shirt man was originally put up by Dania Nasuha, and shared again by at least two other Facebook pages, where they were reshared at least a few thousand times in total.

Responses to the photo of Lim making the rounds on his own in the estate without minders elicited praise.

Multiple comments on Facebook said Lim's approach was praiseworthy, as what he was doing could have well gone undocumented if not for this chance occurrence of him being recognised and photographed for posterity.

But some commenters did doubt whether it was indeed Lim who was photographed.

As of the wee hours of June 6, Lim, a savvy social media user, has not address the fanfare over the supposed sighting of him.

However, he did mention on May 23, in the midst of the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period, that the estate walk activity is still permissible, but those carried out will be a "scaled-down version".

That week's walk was accompanied by litter-clearing in the estate, where Lim was seen participating in the hands-on activity.


Lim's preferred apparel: Polo shirts

Lim was also previously seen a few times before in a similar-looking grey polo shirt.

On many of his house visits, he would turn up in a different coloured polo shirt each time.
All photos via Jamus Lim