Sora Ma reveals she has been engaged since 2018

Nine-year relationship.

Mandy How | June 09, 2021, 04:46 PM

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After keeping it under wraps for more than two years, Sora Ma has spontaneously revealed her wedding engagement on June 7, 2021.

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"Happy news," captioned 37-year-old Ma, who is a Singapore-based Malaysian actress.

She then went on to list the milestones of their relationship — the couple had met on Apr. 29, 2012, and gotten together about one year later, in March 2013.

Ma also expressed through emojis that they are very much in love.

The decision to get married came as it was the "right time, right feeling."

Time to go public

According to 8 Days, Ma's fiancé is a Singaporean businessman in his 40s.

The two met on the night of Star Awards in 2012, where she was introduced to him by a mutual friend during a meal post-ceremony.

Although the couple has kept their nine-year relationship a secret so far, Ma thought that it was time to make it public, as she needed to be "fair to him and his family."

While she has planned several times to announce it on a special date (like Jan. 1, or Feb. 2), cold feet got the better of her and she would back out at the last minute, Ma told 8 Days.

However, the actress said that she felt a "sudden rush of confidence" on the morning of June 7, which made her abandon all caution and finally post about the engagement and relationship.

Her fiancé's identity will remain a secret, as Ma has no plans to share any photos of him in the near future.

Speaking to Mothership, Ma said that she felt "blessed, contented, and released" about the engagement:

"Blessed (being able to share and received the blessing), contented (with everything I’m surrounded by and have), and released (finally I’ve get some “big” thing done which means a lot to me and my life)."

Top image via Sora Ma's Instagram