People in S'pore can now go out in groups of 5

It is going to get livelier these few days.

Belmont Lay | June 14, 2021, 04:54 AM

The size limit for social gatherings in Singapore has increased from two to five persons starting from June 14, 2021, as Singapore moves to Phase 3 (Heightened Alert).

This tweaking of social gathering rules was announced on June 10 by the multi-ministry taskforce (MTF).

However, social gatherings should not exceed two per day.

This is to reduce the likelihood of Covid-19 transmission, as people here are still urged to continue to limit their social circle to a small group of regular contacts.

5 visitors per household

Apart from social group gathering size, the cap of two distinct visitors per household per day will also be increased to five.

Staycation up to 5 pax

This increase in the number of people per social gathering from two to five also means that staycation groups will be allowed to have groups of up to five pax, except where individuals are all from the same household, and also subject to the room’s maximum capacity.

Dine-in will start from June 21

If the situation remains under control, there will be a further re-opening from June 21 onwards, which includes the resumption of F&B dine-in.

Dining is considered a high-risk activity because masks are off, the MTF said.

Gyms and fitness studios to resume from June 21

Gyms and fitness studios may also resume indoor mask-off sports activities from June 21, with safe distancing of at least 2m between persons and at least 3m between groups of up to five persons.

WFH still the default option

Work from home will still remain as the default arrangement.

Museums and public libraries increasing capacity

Museums and public libraries will also be allowed to operate at an increased capacity of 50 per cent.

Performances and events

For live performances and MICE events, a maximum of 250 attendees will be allowed from June 14 with pre-event testing, up from the current limit of 100.

From June 21, singing and playing of instruments at these events will be allowed.

Spectator sports to resume

Similarly, spectators sports may resume from June 14, with up to 250 attendees if pre-event testing is conducted.

For mass participatory sports events, they may resume from June 21.

Worship services to resume

The increased 250-person limit with pre-event testing also applies to congregational and other worship services from June 14.

And from June 21, singing, as well as wind and brass instruments for live performances will be allowed.

Wedding receptions to start on June 21

Wedding receptions, which are currently not allowed, will be able to resume from June 21.

For receptions with up to 100 attendees -- including the wedding couple but excluding vendors -- pre-event testing is required.

For marriage solemnisations, capacity limits will be increased from June 14.

A maximum of 250 attendees will be allowed with pre-event testing, up from the current 100 pax.

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