SBS Transit bus hit by cement mixer while turning right, mounts divider kerb & hits stationary van

The bus driver and two passengers were sent to the hospital.

Jane Zhang | June 06, 2021, 04:02 PM

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An SBS Transit bus was hit by a cement mixer while making a right turn at the junction of Mattar Road and Aljunied Road on Friday (Jun. 4).

The collision, which caused the bus to mount the road divider and hit a van, resulted in the bus driver and two passengers being sent to the hospital.

Bus hit on the side by the cement mixer

In a video posted on Facebook by SG Road Vigilante, the bus could be seen making a right turn when a green G&W Group cement mixer struck it on its left side.

Gif via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

The impact of the collision sent the bus careening over the road divider and caused it to hit a stationary van.

Gif via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

The bus then continued to veer to the right and slowed to a stop.

Gif via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

Based on pictures in the SG Road Vigilante video, the bus appears to have crashed through the fence surrounding a construction site.

Image via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

Image via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

Image via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

The cement mixer also appears to have been damaged in the collision.

Image via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

Three people conveyed to hospital

Responding to Mothership's queries, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that they were alerted to the accident around 2:15pm on Jun. 4.

Three people were conveyed to Raffles Hospital.

Police told Mothership that the individuals conveyed to the hospital were a 54-year-old male bus driver and two bus passengers, aged 45 and 64.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Responding to Mothership's queries, Tammy Tan, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at SBS Transit, said that the accident occurred while the bus was making a right turn with a green light in its favour.

She added that the bus captain was conveyed to the hospital for treatment, where he was kept under observation overnight and discharged the following day.

"He is on hospitalisation leave for a week and we are rendering support to him. Meanwhile, we are still trying to get in touch with the two passengers who were also conveyed to hospital."

She also added that SBS Transit is assisting the police in its investigations.

The video of the accident can be seen here:

Top photos via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.