Monkeys casually descend 4 storeys using Bukit Timah condominium wall like ninjas

*Mission Impossible music plays*

Ashley Tan | June 19, 2021, 12:49 PM

Two long-tailed macaques were caught on video displaying some serious agility, as they casually descended the exterior wall of a condominium in Singapore.


The acrobatic display was originally posted to Twitter by one Vignaraaj in 2019, but was subsequently reposted by TikTok user hengblue7 in June, 2021 and recirculated on other social media platforms.

The incident occurred at Springdale condominium located along Hindhede Walk.

One macaque could be seen shuffling down the narrow protruding wall from the fourth storey of the building, using its hands and feet to guide its descent.

A second macaque previously lounging on the third floor balcony joined the first, and the pair slid down in unison.

They safely reached the first floor and hopped away to do whatever monkeys do.

Video from vgnrj / Twitter

The video has since been reposted on various Facebook pages, with numerous people marvelling at the creature's adaptability to their urban environment.

Some likened them to famous martial arts actors.

What to do to prevent monkeys from entering your home

Others, however, were worried about the curious and sometimes mischievous animals entering homes.

The TikTok video was originally posted with the cautionary caption: "Next time window must close when you are not in."

For those living near areas with macaques, such as MacRitchie Reservoir and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, it is important to monkey-proof one's home.

This includes installing window mesh or grilles and closing all windows and doors when one is not home, to prevent monkeys from gaining access.

Food should also be stored properly and kept out of sight.

Read the National Parks Board's advisory here for more information.

Top photo by vgnrj / Twitter