S'porean man, 26, posed as female 'sugar mummy' to lure boy into having sex with him

Muhammad AL-Masfuiin Mushin was sentenced to 10 months' jail.

Andrew Koay | June 14, 2021, 07:40 PM

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Kicked out of his house and in need of money, a 17-year-old boy took to an online app looking for a "sugar mummy".

Instead, he was lured into performing sex acts on a man who had been posing as a woman.

On June 16, the 26-year-old man — Muhammad AL-Masfuiin Mushin — was sentenced to 10 months' jail.

According to Yahoo News, he had pleaded guilty to one count of obtaining the sexual service of a minor under 18.

Posted an advertisement looking for "sugar mummy"

Court documents seen by Mothership show that on Jun. 16, 2019 the boy put up an advertisement on classifieds platform Locanto looking for a "sugar mummy" who would pay him money for sex.

The advertisement was titled "Toyboy Fantasy Satisfies you- 18".

After getting into a heated argument with his mother which resulted in him being kicked out of the house, he needed money and had previously seen similar advertisements for sexual services on the app.

Contacted by a man posing as a woman

The next day, AL-Masfuiin saw the advertisement and contacted the boy while posing as a woman.

They chatted on Telegram where he told the 17-year-old that he was "looking for a young boy to be my sex slave" and asked for photographs and body statistics.

When the boy asked if AL-Masfuiin was male or female, the offender said he was female.

He also asked for the boy's real age, to which the victim replied that he was actually 17, had been kicked out of the house, and needed money.

AL-Masfuiin — posing as woman — then asked the boy if he would have sex "with my bf and I".

The victim agreed and asked for S$250 for each meet up.

"I like my boys young"

Later at 10:38pm that night, the boy messaged AL-Masfuiin and asked if they could meet up.

Knowing that he had no place to stay, the offender offered the boy lodging at "her boyfriend's place" and asked him to perform sex acts on the "boyfriend".

AL-Masfuiin then arranged transport for the boy to his house.

Still texting the bogus "sugar mummy", the boy asked if she was going to join.

AL-Masfuiin then replied he "might not" and that "my boyfriend will tell me if you did a great job at sex".

Upon questions from the boy if AL-Masfuiin knew he was 17, he replied, "yes" and said, "I like my boys young".

The boy arrived at AL-Masfuiin's house at 1:21am on Jun. 17, where the two engaged in sexual acts.

At one point, when the boy resisted, AL-Masfuiin — who was of bigger build — overpowered him.

After they finished, the boy, still thinking he was texting with the "sugar mummy", messaged her to say he had finished having sex with her boyfriend.

Discovered by a police officer

The next morning, he asked AL-Masfuiin for money to get to work and was handed a S$50 note.

On June 18, a police officer who was patrolling Toa Payoh Central came across the boy and discovered the exchange of messages with the supposed "sugar mummy".

Investigations traced the messages to AL-Masfuiin and he was subsequently arrested.

For having commercial sex with a minor below 18 years old, an offender can be jailed for up to seven years and fined.

Top image by Warren Wong via Unsplash