S'porean streamer denies 'rumours' after leaked phone call captures a lady's confession to scamming 7 men

She claimed to have made a police report.

Zhangxin Zheng | June 06, 2021, 12:34 AM

Singaporean streamer who goes by the username "Kiaraakitty" (Kiara) has been accused by netizens of being involved in a number of love scams after a recorded phone call went public.

While the recording that was uploaded on YouTube on June 3 was around 15 minutes, the entire conversation lasted more than an hour.

The user who uploaded the clip titled "Kiaraakitty Exposed" has since garnered over 63,000 views in two days.

Summary of phone conversation with unidentified lady

In the 15-minute conversation, the woman calls the man "honey" in her responses and shared that she found herself to be a natural at scamming others.

The woman said that she was being called "stupid" and "dumb" often in school so she decided to use this impression to her advantage.

She added that over time she knows "what kind of people to target" and how to exploit their vulnerabilities.

One example she gave was a man that she played video game with every day for over a year.

She shared with him about her then abusive boyfriend.

Initially, she just wanted to "let it off her chest" but after that she lied to him that she had "a growth in [her] kidney" which made the man gave her all his savings.

"I managed to scam everything off, I took all his frigging savings and I did not even meet him up," the woman was heard saying.

At around 9:55 mark, the woman admitted that she scammed seven guys and was not caught for doing so. These included a man who is a handicap and another man whom she scammed S$30,000 from.

"You can't arrest me...you offer it [so it] is your fault," she said.

She also said that she got reported for love scam before.

But she got away as she told the police that the man was her ex-boyfriend. Also, the money was given in cash and there was no trace of evidence.

As of June 5, the video is still up on YouTube for public viewing.

Two other videos were sent to Mothership but they were in private mode.

"False and staged"

On June 5, Kiara wrote on her Instagram Story that she had heard "some rumours" about her.

She dismissed these rumours as "false and staged" and said that a police report was made.

She did not specify what these rumours are.

via Kiaraakitty/IG

When Mothership reached out to Kiara, she said she will respond to our queries but she is "currently occupied with some new upcoming projects".

We will update the article when we receive further response from Kiara.

Top image via Kiaraakitty/IG