4-year-old boy in S'pore uses birthday money to distribute 100 care packs to migrant workers


Siti Hawa | June 22, 2021, 06:32 PM

Keshav, a 4-year-old boy in Singapore, is making all the difference to 100 migrant workers by distributing care packs of drinks, sanitisers and biscuits to them.

The packs were purchased using his own money, which he received for his birthday.

Project Keshav 2021

The initiative, Project Keshav 2021, came about after he witnessed his parents buying drinks for construction workers.

Since then, Keshav developed a soft spot for the "uncles working under the hot sun," his parents told Mothership.

He then purchased drinks for workers working on a gantry near his home.

However, the workers did not accept the drinks as they wanted to sanitise their hands before receiving them from Keshav.

Keshav's parents then suggested care packs.


Keshav and his sister, Janani, packed 100 care packs with the help of their parents.

Photo via Keshav's parents

Photo via Keshav's parents

The four-year-old even insisted on pushing the trolley by himself.

Photo via Keshav's parents

The care packs were distributed to migrant workers, as well as "police uncles and aunties" over the course of one week.

Keshav's parents ensured that the initiative was carried out with proper safe management measures in place.

In addition, Keshav and Janani sanitised their hands after every interaction as a precaution.

Photo via Keshav's parents

Photo via Keshav's parents

Photo via Keshav's parents

According to Keshav's parents, their friends have already offered to donate hand sanitisers and masks for Keshav's next batch of care packs.

The family hopes to carry on distributing these care packs on a permanent, long term basis.

Top photos via Keshav's parents