7-year-old girl uses S$400 of her savings to set up free grocery corner in Bukit Batok

Helping those in need.

Sulaiman Daud | June 10, 2021, 06:34 PM

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Needy residents of Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 have a place where they can go to get essential food items, all thanks to a seven-year-old named Shakthi.

Shakthi and her mother, Jmaleni Saravanan, set up a "Care and Share Corner" at the second floor of Blk 170 with items such as instant noodles, canned food, cooking oil, packet drinks, and biscuits.

Those interested can visit and take what they need.

Inspired by school project, contributed her own money

Speaking to Mothership, Jmaleni said that Shakthi attends Lianhua Primary School, which has an ongoing programme called Project Smile that donates provisions to less fortunate children.

Encouraged by this, Shakthi wanted to do something of her own.

She set up the sharing corner on June 1, and it will last until June 30.

Shakthi "kickstarted" the project by donating S$400 of her own money, a hefty sum for a primary school kid.

Together with additional contributions from her parents, they bought the first bunch of food items for the corner.

Volunteers from Shakthi's school who run Project Smile stepped forward to donate more items as well.

Jmaleni added, "Now we have various people who just come and leave things at our corner and contributing because they want to keep the project going."

Helping one another

Jmaleni also shared that Shakthi has received notes of thanks from those who have benefited, and some families have also thanked her in person.

According to Jmaleni, the response has been good, with the corner cleared of food items about once every three days.

She shared that Shakthi is excited when she sees that people have taken what they needed from the corner, and has to restock.

During recent months, others have come up with a way to help their less fortunate neighbours.

Free groceries were also left out at a block in Ang Mo Kio for those who needed them.

Top image from Jmaleni Saravanan.