Photographer takes gorgeous & rare sight of chicken flying across Pasir Ris river to other side

Just winging it.

Karen Lui | June 18, 2021, 12:16 PM

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With their heavy-set bodies, it still comes as a surprise to some that chickens can fly, albeit not very high or far.

One photographer, Adrian Tan, captured this rare sight and shared his pictures on a wildlife photography Facebook page on June 16.

Photo by Adrian Tan.

The post has since garnered 1,400 reactions and 4,200 shares.

Flew across the river

Speaking to Mothership, Tan said that he chanced upon this sight on his regular walk at Pasir Ris Park.

During these walks, he takes the opportunity to photograph wildlife.

As such:

Photo by Adrian Tan.

According to Tan, the chicken "flew diagonally" in order to safely cross to the other side of the river.

Photo by Adrian Tan.

Although Tan shared the pictures on June 16, he told Mothership that they were taken at around 8:20am on June 8.

As it was a weekday morning, Tan believes he was the only one at the scene.

Photo by Adrian Tan.

When he first spotted it afar, he only recognised it as a "relatively big red-headed white bird".

He only realised it was "a beautiful flying chicken" when the bird flew closer.

Photo by Adrian Tan.

Unlike the colourful feathers of the typical red junglefowl that is common in Singapore, this particular chicken appears to be completely yellowish white with red comb and wattle.

Photo by Adrian Tan.

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Top photos by Adrian Tan via Wildlife @ Pasir Ris & vicinity Facebook group.