Swiss fan experiences heartbreak & ecstasy all in 90 seconds during Euro 2020 match against France

Love of the game.

Sulaiman Daud | June 29, 2021, 02:02 PM

Singaporeans still snoozing in the morning of June 29 missed two of the greatest matches in European Football Championship history.

Both the Spain-Croatia and France-Switzerland clashes went into extra time, with the Franco-Swiss brawl going all the way to penalties, and a surprising loss for the world champions after superstar Kylian Mbappe missed his spot kick.

And one fan perfectly encapsulated the fine line between heartbreak and jubilation.

Guess the score

It was late into the match, at the 89th minute.

Switzerland had seen an early 1-0 lead turn into a 3-1 deficit, as France's talented team roared back from the brink, capped off by a stunning goal by Manchester United's Paul Pogba.

Although Switzerland had pulled a goal back, they were still headed for defeat.

An attack in France's box in the 89th minute fizzled to nothingness, and one Swiss fan was in visible agony.

Gif from TUDN via Twitter.

But he may not have guessed the dramatic turn of events about to take place.

Paul Pogba, the erstwhile hero, lost the ball in midfield, allowing Switzerland to counter.

Arsenal's Granit Xhaka played a wonderful through pass to Mario Gravanovic.

Avoiding the challenge of Presnel Kimpenbe, Gravanovic took a swing and sent the ball rocketing into the corner of the net. Switzerland -- against all odds -- would not be knocked out. They would live to fight on.

The camera cut back to the Swiss fans, once again finding the bearded gentleman in glasses.

Except he had lost his hat, and other items of clothing. The man behind him was also equally topless.

In front of the world, the fan bellowed a cry of triumph and ecstasy to the heavens. His Switzerland team had fought back.

Gif from TUDN via Twitter

After extra time, the fairy tale was complete after Mbappe had his penalty saved by Yann Sommer.

France, the World Cup winners of 2018, were out. Switzerland will meet Spain in the quarter-finals.

Spain themselves survived a massive scare in their match against Croatia. Like France, they were leading 3-1. Like France, their opponents rallied to draw the game at 3-3 at 90 minutes.

But unlike France, they did not have to go through the agony of penalties after scoring two goals in extra time.

There are fine margins between success and failure in top-flight football, and when nothing less than national pride is at stake, one can be forgiven for giving into primal instincts and stripping to the waist like warriors of old, caught up in battle-lust and the love of the beautiful game.

Top image from Niallm1999 Twitter and Reddit.