Shopee delivery personnel 'hesitated' in delivering parcel, returns to do so 3 hours later

Three hours after it was uploaded on Facebook.

Guan Zhen Tan | June 05, 2021, 11:15 PM

[Editor's note, June 6, 1:10pm: This article has been updated to reflect Shopee's additional clarifications regarding the incident.]

Facebook user Awie Jintora uploaded CCTV footage on June 4 of two female delivery personnel who were supposed to be delivering a parcel to his home.

Opened shoe cabinet, but did not leave parcel

It was posted to a Facebook group Complaint Singapore, where he wrote that he had not received the parcel, despite a notification in his Shopee app saying otherwise.

Screenshot via Complaint Singapore's Facebook page

Screenshot via Awie Jintora's Facebook post

CCTV footage showed that there was two delivery personnel who had come to Awie's home to deliver the parcel.

They were given instructions to open his shoe cabinet, including the passcode to the padlock.

One of them, dressed in a black t-shirt, held up the parcel with one hand and typed away on the phone with the other.

Screenshot via Awie Jintora's Facebook post

However, the parcel was not placed inside the shoebox and was placed back into a red bag on a trolley.

The shoe cabinet was then closed, and they left.

Screenshot via Awie Jintora's Facebook post

Awie attempted to identify the courier company behind the delivery personnel.

Screenshots uploaded in the same post showed Awie communicating to a Shopee agent, who told him that it was fulfilled by J&T Express, though netizens in the comments section pointed out that it could have been fulfilled by Shopee Express instead.

Screenshot via Awie Jintora's Facebook post

Returned three hours later to deliver parcel

Speaking to Mothership, Awie said that the parcel contained 12 digital counters and that they costed a little over S$11.

Three hours after he had posted the video, the woman dressed in a black T-shirt came back with the parcel.

The two were mother and daughter, Awie said.

She apologised to Awie, explaining that she was relief personnel, and it was her first time delivering a parcel where she had to leave it in a shoebox.

She thus hesitated to leave the parcel there.

"[She said] she hesitated...but I told her if you [felt hesitant], you can always come back tomorrow or next time, I'm still okay if she did not deliver at all," Awie said.

Awie added that he told her that it was "dishonest and unacceptable" that she marked the item as delivered when it was not, to which she apologised.

"I still don't understand why she did not go ahead with the delivery having already access to the [shoe cabinet] and the parcel in her hands and yet [she] updated [the parcel's status] as delivered," Awie said.

Shopee responds

Awie confirmed that his items were received safely, and he has since cancelled his request for a refund in the Shopee app.

In response to Mothership's queries, a J&T Express spokesperson has confirmed that the delivery personnel in question was not affiliated with them and that Shopee is currently in contact with the customer to resolve the issue.

A Shopee spokesperson said that they have reached out to the user and he has clarified that he received his order correctly.

"The delivery personnel was doing her due diligence in ensuring the parcel was delivered to the right address and delivered it upon checking," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that the parcel which was placed back into the bag was "not the intended parcel for the user in question".

The courier, who Shopee confirms is a relief personnel, had set the status of Awie's parcel to "delivered" due to her unfamiliarity with the platform, and was unable to undo it.

Shopee said that the courier would then return to Awie's unit to apologise. Awie is satisfied with the apology and apologised for the confusion on his part as well.

A police report has been made by the courier to help "set the record straight among all parties involved", as Shopee says that she has been "considerably affected" by the negative press stemming from the incident.

Top image via Awie Jintora's Facebook post