S’porean woman who put up kittens for sale on Facebook jailed for swindling S$37,600 from victims

She was sentenced to three months and five weeks in jail.

Alfie Kwa | June 22, 2021, 05:54 PM

On June 21, 29-year-old Singaporean Norsusilawani Binte Nani was sentenced to jail for using Facebook to falsely advertise the sale of kittens and got several victims to transfer money to her.

She also cheated another victim by falsely claiming she had a room for rent, among other offences.

Norsusilawani was arrested at Ang Mo Kio Police Headquarters in January last year. She pleaded guilty to five counts of cheating and another eight similar charges were taken into consideration for sentencing, Today reported.

Falsely advertising sale of kittens

According to court documents seen by Mothership, four individuals transferred sums of money varying from S$150 to S$700 to the Norsusilawani's POSB bank account as payment to purchase the kittens.

She had a Facebook profile with the username “MsLittle Candy” and advertised on Facebook that she had kittens for sale.

After the advertisement was published, numerous Facebook users, including the four victims, registered their orders for kittens with Norsusilawani through the Facebook platform.

After paying a hefty amount of money to her, she informed the victims that she will only receive the kittens on a later date after they have been dewormed and vaccinated.

She later failed to deliver the kittens by the respective dates she had promised to each victim, and was uncontactable after that.

Upon realising that they had been cheated, the victims reported the incidents to the police.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Bjorn Tan said that she knew that her offer to sell kittens was false, and thereby intended to dishonestly induce victims to give her money.

Norsusilawani has since made full restitution to four victims. Five other individuals had also made payments to purchase kittens.

Falsely adverting a room for rent

Also in 2018, Norsusilawani cheated a 31-year-old man of money by falsely advertising a room for rent.

Norsusilawani wanted to rent a residential unit from an acquaintance and decided to look for a co-tenant to cover the cost of the rental.

She then advertised her acquaintance’s unit on Facebook, using the Facebook profile with the username “Wanny Mok”. The man came across her advertisement on Facebook and started a conversation with “Wanny Mok” to ascertain the details of the rental.

During the conversation, she lied and said that she was helping her friend, “Mdm Susi”, to find tenants to rent the rooms. However, she was dishonestly pretending to be “Mdm Susi” and had no such rooms for rent.

Subsequently, she gave Muniandy a phone number, claiming that it was “Mdm Susi's” contact number when in fact, it was her own.

She posed as “Mdm Susi” and informed him that he was required to pay S$350 to secure the room and sign the tenancy agreement.

Believing that the offer was genuine, he transferred the money into Norsusilawani's OCBC bank account. Afterwards, she repeatedly delayed meeting him. After he told her he no longer wanted to rent the room and asked for his money back, he received no response.

Norsusilawani has since made full restitution to the victim.

Other charges

Court documents also showed that Norsusilawani also stole S$26,000 from a victim’s bank account from August 2017 to January 2018, and took S$8,000 in cash from the same person's drawer.

The victim is her grandmother, according to Today.

Norsusilawani's lawyer, Ng Shi Yang said that after her offences, the Institute of Mental Health has evaluated and diagnosed her with major depressive disorder, Today reported.

Ng asked for her jail time to be shortened by a week. She received a jail period of 17 weeks.

A person who cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived to deliver may be punished with imprisonment for a term of up to 10 years, a fine or both.

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