Asian shopkeepers knock out Caucasian man in their Ireland store as he allegedly harassed them


Lean Jinghui | June 14, 2021, 01:56 PM

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A pair of Asian business owners in Ireland was caught on video knocking out a Caucasian man, who had allegedly been harassing them.

According to NextShark, the incident took place at the Oriental Emporium store on Jervis Street, in Dublin, Ireland.

What happened

At the start of the video, the Caucasian man was seen aiming a kick at the pair of Asian men, who in turn kicked and punched him back.

The pair then manage to throw the man out of their shop.

However, the latter appeared to later return to the shop again, allegedly to confront the two Asian men.

At this point, the older Asian man, who was wearing gloves, warned the Caucasian man to keep his distance, reiterating "this is my shop".

He then shoved the Caucasian man out the door, telling him to get out.

However, the Caucasian man did not back down, and advanced forward.

He waved his fist and could be heard saying, "Keep kicking me and I’ll ram your f****** face through that brick wall”.

It was during this second confrontation, that the older Asian man punched the Caucasian man's face, and the man crumpled to the floor, knocked out.

A few passers-by then came forward to pick the injured guy up.

One of them, a man, could be heard saying, “There’s f****** two of you”.

The aftermath

The Sun reported that the police in Dublin received reports of the altercation at approximately 4.10pm on June 4.

The police added that investigations were ongoing, and the man, who was in his 20s, required hospital attendance for non-life threatening injuries.

No formal complaint by either party had been lodged, the police said.

According to The Daily Dot, one commenter, who claimed to have visited the store in Dublin a few times, said that he had met the older Asian man before, and that he was an "absolute gentleman".

"He always had my respect, but now that I’ve seen him knock a racist piece of shit out, he has my admiration.”

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