7-year-old S'porean boy cycles 75.3km from Bukit Panjang to Coney Island in 5 hours

"Every time he says he is tired on any ride, we will be there cheering him [on]," Afi's mother shared.

Zhangxin Zheng | June 24, 2021, 10:25 AM

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A young Singaporean boy named Afi reached his first milestone as a cyclist at a tender age of six when he completed 50km.

A year later, Afi broke his personal record.

The seven-year-old completed 75.3km in 5 hours as he cycled from Bukit Panjang to Coney Island through the Park Connector Network on June 20.

Here's Afi beaming with pride at the end:

Photo by Sophia Sofii.

Photo by Sophia Sofii.

Started cycling since he was three

Speaking to Mothership, Afi's mother, Sophia Sofii, said that Afi had started cycling when he was three.

Since then, Afi cycles to school or cycles to run errands or visit relatives who live nearby with his family.

"So it's like cycle all day and every day," Sophia described. She also added that cycling is also a way of life for her siblings, her husband and herself.

Afi used to hate cycling uphill but it no longer bothers him as he can control his bike better by adjusting the gears and speed.

Instead, going uphill and downhill adds joy to Afi's cycling trips, Sophia shared.

Learnt how to endure and pace himself well

The 50km that Afi completed last year was his first long distance trip and he did it with his uncle.

Since then, Afi has been cycling longer journeys.

"Every time he says he is tired on any ride, we will be there cheering him [on] and will tell him 'it's near it's near.. a bit more'," Sophia shared.

Photo of Sophia and Afi. Photo by Sophia Sofii.

With the encouragement and company of loved ones, Afi persevered and learnt to endure and pace himself better.

"We have never heard about him wanting to give up anymore," Sophia said. 

Afi's love for outdoor activities and adventures has grown over time too. Sophia said that he is not affected by falls, bruises, scratches or getting into minor accidents.

He's injected quite a bit of finesse into riding as well:

Video from Sophia Sofii / Facebook.

Received a medal from experienced cyclist

After sharing Afi's personal achievement in a Facebook group, an experienced cyclist Loh Yew Kwong reached out to Sophia.

He wanted to give Afi an OCBC Ride 2021 medal to encourage the latter.

The mother and son met Loh at Bukit Panjang MRT station and they really appreciated Loh going the extra mile to encourage Afi.

Sophia added she was moved by Loh's gesture, and that it was an example of racial harmony in Singapore.

Photo by Sophia Sofii.

Next target: 100km

Sophia said that after meeting Loh, Afi is even more motivated to achieve his next target of 100km.

But the biggest takeaway from these cycling adventures is the stronger bonds it has forged.

For parents who wish to do the same, here's what Sophia has to say:

"To parents who would like to do the same with their children, just enjoy doing it together with them. Important thing is, do it together. It applies to all other activities: Grow up together, doing what we love together. That really [makes]  the bond stronger while excelling [at] it."

And of course, ride safe and stay safe.

Top photos by Sophia Sofii