S'pore taxi driver reduced to eating out of boot

Blue-collar workers who hit the road running have not many places to have meals.

Ashley Tan | May 17, 2021, 04:11 PM

Dining in at food and beverage establishments and hawker centres has been disallowed since May 16, as part of a string of new measures the multi-ministry taskforce announced in light of the increased number of Covid-19 cases recently.

Work-from-home was also set as the default option for workers around Singapore.

But while many workers are ensconced in their bedrooms or home offices, those whose jobs are not desk-bound might not even have the luxury to adjust to this transition as easily.

In a similar scene to the circuit breaker last year, some workers were seen once again resorting to having their meals anywhere and everywhere.

Eating at their vehicles

One photo posted to Facebook showed a taxi driver sitting cross-legged in the empty boot of his car, parked at a car park in a residential estate, and having his takeaway meal of noodles.

Perhaps the taxi driver chose to sit outdoors for fear of dirtying his vehicle, or stinking it up with the smell of food.

Photo from Beh Chia Lor / FB

In the comments section of the post, another Facebook user shared a photo of a motorcyclist having a quick meal atop his bike.

Photo from Beh Chia Lor / FB

Others also chimed in with their observations thus far.

Ok to eat out at some places

The workers pictured above might have been in a rush to finish their meals and continue on with their jobs, and hence chose to eat at their vehicles.

However, it is actually permissible to eat at certain public spaces.

According to the Ministry of Health's website, the consumption of food and drinks at other public places, including parks, is not prohibited.

This should only be the case when it would be inconvenient to return home or workplace to eat.

And in these instances, members of the public should avoid crowded spaces and minimise social interactions, including maintaining safe distancing at all times.

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Top photo from Beh Chia Lor / FB