Veteran actor Tang Hu, 82, had to have right leg amputated due to diabetes

The doctor said the amputation is necessary for Tang to survive.

Lean Jinghui | May 28, 2021, 11:34 AM

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Veteran local actor, Tang Hu, 82, underwent a three-hour surgery on May 25 to amputate his right leg.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, Tang said that he has been battling diabetes for several years.

Tang told Wanbao he felt despondent and depressed over the below-the-knee amputation.

He added, "My right leg which accompanied me for 80 years has finally left me."

Thought of his loved ones prevented him from taking his own life

Tang spoke to the Chinese media four hours after the surgery.

He said that he wanted to throw himself off the hospital building when first learned that he would need amputation.

Tang, who has two children and four grandchildren, said that it was only the thought of his loved ones that prevented him from taking his own life.

He said that the wound still hurt terribly – an "indescribable" pain that made it hard for him to sleep at night. Tang told Wanbao that the doctor had explained that this was inevitable as the wound was very big.

Begun with an amputated toe

Wanbao reported that Tang had had his little toe on his right foot amputated last year, after a blood clot was found.

He spent 55 days in the hospital and was discharged from the hospital last December.

Unfortunately, his condition took a turn for the worse over the next few months, and Tang was hospitalised again on March 8 this year.

The doctor later informed him that amputation was necessary in order for Tang to survive, and after weeks of monitoring, Tang was wheeled into the operation theatre for the amputation on May 25 afternoon.

Appreciates concerns from friends and fans

A familiar face on Mediacorp's Channel 8, Tang is a prominent actor who has starred in major dramas like 1985’s Son of Pulau Tekong, 1986’s Men Of Valour and 1987's Painted Faces. He was last seen in 2008's Folks Jump Over The Wall, with Kym Ng and Bryan Wong.

Tang told Wanbao that he would have to stay at the hospital for another two months before he could be discharged.

He expressed gratitude for all fans and friends who have since reached out to encourage him and check in on him, following news of his amputation.

Top image via screenshot via 8world Youtube