SMRT debunks rumour of train captain gambling on the job, police report made

Fake news.

Mandy How | May 14, 2021, 04:49 PM

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SMRT has taken to Facebook to debunk a video circulating online.

The piece of content alleged that a train captain had been participating in an online gambling site, leading to a disruption in train services.

It also claimed that the captain had been suspended for his actions.

In response, SMRT labelled the allegations as fake news, and revealed that the staff in question has made a police report.

The transport company also asked for netizens to refrain from sharing the video.

The screenshot that accompanied the post showed that the video was uploaded by a page named "Kettle Jury G".

At time of writing, the page has 10 likes. No content could be found on its Facebook page.

Top image via SMRT/Facebook