'Buddha heart' landlady in S'pore cooks 3 meals for M'sian tenant daily, cares for her like family

The tenant regards her as family too.

Fiona Tan | May 30, 2021, 10:01 PM

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The borders between Malaysia and Singapore closed on Mar. 18, 2020, with many Malaysians working in Singapore unable to return home.

For Michelle Hee, who has been working in Singapore for the past two years, she has not returned home for the past year.

However, the homesick 28-year-old counts herself luckier than most.

This was all thanks to her "Buddha heart" landlady, whom Hee lovingly dedicated a post to on Facebook group Let's go, Singapore.

The date of her post on May 21, 2021 or 521, was no coincidence too.

521 or 520 is also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day, where many make declarations of love with the three digits that sounds similar to "I love you" in Chinese.

Home away from home

According to Hee's post, her landlady would prepare three meals for her daily.

Before she knocks off from work every day, her landlady would even drop her a message reminding her to come back and have dinner.

Hee had shared some photos of the dishes prepared by her landlady, including fish, prawns, soups and even pen cai, a one-pot dish involving layers of ingredients.

Her landlady even had no qualms preparing seafood for Hee upon hearing that she enjoys it, despite being allergic to seafood herself.

Image from Michelle Hee/FB.

Pen cai is considered to be a luxury food item often eaten during special occasions, like during the Chinese New Year.

Image from Michelle Hee/FB.

Image from Michelle Hee/FB.

Image from Michelle Hee/FB.

Image from Michelle Hee/FB.

On top of whipping up daily meals, Hee also told Shinmin Daily that her landlady had also gifted her a crystal bracelet.

In response to her landlady's generosity, Hee has offered to pay more rent.

However, her landlady declined her offer, saying that there was no need to be "calculative". She also often tells Hee that it was fate that brought them together.

Hee told Shin Min Daily News that she regards her landlady as her own family, and they have celebrated both Mother's Day as well as her landlady's birthday.

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Top image from Michelle Hee/FB