WP's Pritam Singh pays tribute to his mother who worked part-time at McDonald's to keep active

Her resilience and adaptability in her golden years inspired him.

Joshua Lee | May 09, 2021, 11:52 PM

Worker's Party chief Pritam Singh wrote a touching tribute to his mother on Mother's Day.

In his tribute, Singh said that his mother chose to join the workforce in her golden years, as a part-time McDonald's staff, in order to keep herself active.

Before she joined the fast food chain, Singh's mother, who is a former housewife, asked him if he would mind.

Singh wrote:

"That mum had to ask, kind of bothered me. Was she afraid someone would wonder why she needed to work since her family was blessed enough. Or perhaps she thought “people” would think lesser of her son and therefore, better to ask “permission” to work? Maybe."

He gave her his blessings even though he was worried that she would not be able to adapt to the "realities of the working world in Singapore".

She proved him wrong, turning out to be adaptable and resilient, said Singh.

"I didn’t expect her to impart any significant life lessons in her golden years," he wrote. "But it looks like she’s got more home-runs in her!"

Singh added that his mother's decision to join the workforce subconsciously made him take a special interest in mature workers and seniors, and opened his eyes to how people in Singapore are more conscious of the elderly among us.

For instance, in the way we clear our trays and tables at the hawker centre and give up our seats on the train.

"In the hustle and bustle of Singapore life, it is easy to become self-absorbed. Maybe if we saw our mums (and dads) in our seniors, we will have a better Singapore."

You can read Singh's post below:

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