PM Lee to address nation on May 31, 4pm regarding Covid-19 plans

An update on the Covid-19 situation.

Tanya Ong | May 30, 2021, 05:06 PM

PM Lee will be making a speech on Monday (May 31) to update the nation on the next step to take for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Speech on May 31

In a Facebook post, PM Lee said that the tightened measures to keep Singaporeans safe are working, and the number of new community cases has stabilised over the last two weeks.

In his speech, he will share how the government plans to keep Covid-19 under control, while progressively opening up again.

"The solution: testing, contact tracing, and vaccinating, all faster, and more," he said.

His speech will be available live on his Facebook Page or on Mediacorp channels at 4pm.

Phase 2 (HA) in Singapore

Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) is expected to last until June 13.

On Friday (May 28), finance minister Lawrence Wong said that Singapore will likely not embark on "further tightening" of prevailing measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Wong explained that the current measures in place have been working, given that the number of new community cases has stabilised.

He also stated that a fuller update will be given at a press conference by the multi-ministry task force on Covid-19 on Monday, May 31.

On May 29, the health ministry said that overall, the number of new cases in the community has decreased from 199 cases in the week before to 138 cases in the past week.

The number of unlinked cases in the community has also decreased from 48 cases in the week before to 23 cases in the past week.

May 30's preliminary update:

Top photo courtesy of MCI.