Emptier malls, fewer people in town & walking in pairs: S’pore during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

1 month.

Syahindah Ishak | Lean Jinghui | May 16, 2021, 03:18 PM

The Sunday lunchtime crowd is usually nothing to scoff at, especially in the town area.

But the first day of the new restrictions saw a very different side of the town area, and malls around Singapore.

VivoCity, like the other malls in this article, was noticeably emptier.

Although B1 was slightly more bustling.

The food court was also significantly emptier.

Staff there commented on how business was notably slower, saying that lunchtime on a Sunday would usually see the whole area packed, and that she had only five customers throughout the day so far.

It was around 1pm when Mothership approached her.

Scenes in food courts were similar in other malls as well. Here's what ION's Food Opera looked like:

Unlike what you might have seen during Circuit Breaker, or perhaps Phase 1, there were still quite a few shoppers, here's the scene at [email protected]

Retail shops were also almost all open, traffic to these shops though was for one reason or another quite affected.

Staff at some outlets in 313 that Mothership spoke to said they had been seeing only about half the traffic that they normally do on a Sunday.

Supermarkets though saw relatively brisk traffic.

Other more heartland malls also appeared to face a decline in shoppers. Here's Junction 8.

Image by Joshua Lee

It was pretty much the same scene in MBS.

The boats were still running though.

Enforcement and walkarounds

While there was almost less of everyone, there were a surprising amount of safe distancing ambassadors, as well as Grab delivery riders.

There were fewer people walking around Orchard as well.

Significantly lower human traffic was also seen in public transport around Singapore.

In pairs

A common sight, more common than SDAs or delivery riders, was the amount of people walking in pairs.