Bizarre Japanese job ad looking for someone to fly from Okinawa to Tokyo twice a day to deliver onigiri

For each day of work, the mysterious employer is offering S$182.

Andrew Koay | May 10, 2021, 10:26 PM

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If you're looking for a job and happen to be in Japan, here's one that might give you reason to pause.

According to Twitter user Fx1jp, a strange part time job has appeared on Japanese classified advertisements website Jimoty.

The job listing, as translated by SoraNews24was looking for someone to fly from Okinawa to Tokyo twice a day.

And it gets weirder; the job has oddly specific requirements for the delivery person, which includes purchasing a pork and egg onigiri from a specific store, and then delivering it.

Here's the what it says:

"This is a small job where you will deliver a package between Haneda Airport and Okinawa Airport. You will buy a 'pork and egg onigiri' to the right outside the arrivals gate at Okinawa Airport, then deliver it to Haneda Airport."

I suppose if you're going to pay for someone to take the trip, you might as well make sure you're getting exactly what you want.

It was also stated that the job (which includes not just one but two delivery trips) will "take about 12 hours".

For this simple yet onerous task — a single flight would already take around two hours — the prospective employer was offering a daily salary of 15,000 yen, which is roughly S$183.

Okinawa's specialty

The pork and egg onigiri in question is likely that from a store at the airport called Potama.

The rice sandwich, according to its maker, is a culinary specialty of the prefecture of Okinawa.

Responding to the job listing, Potama wrote on their website that they had yet to receive an order from someone with intentions of making the delivery to Tokyo.

While the eatery was grateful for that particular patron's support, they encouraged him or her to come to the store in person as the onigiri is best enjoyed fresh.

Referring to speculation on social media that the job advert might have looking for an unwitting drug mule, Potama assured customers that their food was made with "carefully selected ingredients".

"We make and provide them on the spot, so of course we do not use anything that is illegal or harmful to the human body," wrote the eatery.

"Please enjoy with confidence."

Top image from Potama's website and via Google Maps