Nissin Japan teases everyone with cup noodle foldable bag & mini cup noodle pouch

Now people want it to be a real merchandise for sale.

Karen Lui | May 22, 2021, 12:40 PM

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Singapore has put a halt to dining-in at F&B venues from May 16 to June 13.

This has consequently sent the masses into a shopping frenzy at local supermarkets.

And instead of carrying multiple shopping bags, why not dump your groceries into a giant cup noodle tote bag that you can lug home with your goods?

Giant Cup Noodle bag

On March 25, Nissin Japan shared photos of a huge tote bag resembling their classic cup noodles.

The ginormous bag looks almost comical when carried by a female adult for scale.

Photo by @cupnoodle_jp.

According to the caption, it is a reusable eco-bag that comes with its own little cup noodle storage pouch to stash the giant bag away when not needed -- like a reverse version of nesting dolls.

Photo by @cupnoodle_jp.

Essentially, the cup noodle bag can be used to carry tons of cup noodles, which can also be folded and stored into its own little cup noodle pouch when unused.

Photo by @cupnoodle_jp.

The product does not appear to be available for sale in the market just yet.

But it has become a hot commodity.

Commenters have expressed their demand on the post, saying they want to buy the adorable bag and have been requesting Nissin Japan to sell it as an official product.

Keep your eyes peeled.

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Top images by Nissin Japan.