Hougang resident tolerates 'neighbour from hell' for 11 years, takes to TikTok as last resort

For 11 years.

Lean Jinghui | May 06, 2021, 12:58 AM

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After tolerating a "neighbour from hell" for 11 years, a resident in Hougang took to TikTok to document her neighbour's antics.

The 25-year-old resident, only known by her surname Tang, told Lianhe Wanbao in an interview on May 3 that the two families had begun crossing swords in 2010, after her neighbour had accused her family of making a ruckus.

Tang's neighbour claimed her family had done so by stomping on the floorboards, ringing the bell and playing marbles.

Her parents, wanting to keep the peace, had apologised to the neighbour back then, and soundproofed their unit.

However, the neighbour had allegedly begun harassing the family again just weeks after.

Kicking shoes and damaging plants

Tang explained that her family, comprising her parents, herself, and her older brother, had lived in their unit at Blk 552 Hougang Street 51 for 15 years.

Her neighbour, who is in his 30s, now lives with his mum; his father had passed away a few years prior.

The harassment had only worsened in recent years, a list of grievances against her neighbour included: using an umbrella to damage her plants, spitting on her doorstep, shouting vulgarities, kicking her shoes, and banging pails late at night.

Image via @ftang94 TikTok

Image via @ftang94 TikTok

In one incident recounted to Wanbao, Tang said that her neighbour had spat at her; she had been lucky to avoid it.

He had also called the police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) last year, reporting various burning smells coming from Tang's unit.

Image via @ftang94 TikTok

According to a TikTok video posted by Tang, the Housing Development Board (HDB) and Ang Mo Kio Town Council had investigated, and eventually concluded that the "ammonia/chlorine smell" was coming from his unit instead.

Sought help to no avail

Wanbao reported that Tang had already sought for recourse through different channels, including the Community Mediation Centre (CMC) and HDB.

However, the neighbour had been uncooperative in the dispute mediation, resulting in the issue remaining unresolved.

According to another TikTok video, she had also reached out to her Member of Parliament (MP), who had informed HDB and the Police.

However, she was later informed that there was little that could be done, as the neighbour "has not broken any laws or committed any offences".

Image via @ftang94 TikTok

Neighbour's mum denied allegations

The neighbour's mother had also denied the allegations when interviewed by Wanbao reporters.

She claimed that Tang's allegations were false and made up.

When the reporters showed the TikTok videos and asked if the man in the videos is her son, the woman evaded the question.

Instead, she insisted that they had never walked past Tang's unit, and would never damage their plants.

Dispute is between both parties

Speaking to Mothership, HDB explained that neighbourly disputes are private matters.

HDB thus encouraged individuals involved in neighbourly disputes to settle the dispute between both parties, and to resolve any conflict in an amicable manner.

If unable to do so, they can seek mediated assistance via their CMCs and grassroots leaders.

Top image via TikTok