MRT staff catches woman with mask down, tells her 'don't bring your culture to S'pore'

She was unhappy with some of the statements the staff made.

Ashley Tan | May 02, 2021, 06:51 PM

Unhappy with her interaction with an MRT staff in Singapore, a young woman took to social media to share her experience.

The woman, who is not Singaporean, questioned some of the statements the staff made when he caught her with her mask down.

"Singapore is follow Singapore law"

In the video, the woman is seen addressing the camera directly, and revealed that she is on a Social Visit Pass to Singapore.

She explained that she had pulled her mask down briefly for "10 seconds" to catch her breath at the station.

An MRT staff who spotted her action then pulled her and her friend over, and apparently listed out to her the consequences of her actions.

A video she recorded during the incident detailed the conversation between her and a man, who is presumably the MRT staff.

Only his hands can be seen.

Here's the transcript of what the man said:

Man: "The fines here are not cheap. If you can afford to pay all these fines, go ahead and do. I don't mind. But if you can't pay, then you go to court."

Woman: "I understand."

Man: "Got it?"

Woman: "Yes."

Man: "You from social visit, don't bring your culture to Singapore. If your culture is... don't behave, don't obey the government, don't bring your culture to Singapore. Singapore is follow Singapore law."

Friend: "Don't worry she's been staying in Singapore... [indistinct]"

Man: "Yes, you jolly well follow Singapore law."

In response to the incident, the woman questioned if her actions were severe enough to require a court case:

"I get it that I'm guilty for not wearing a mask, but to be sent to the court, did I sell drugs in Singapore? Did I set the MRT station on fire? Did I murder someone?"

You can watch the full video here:

Video garners backlash

A large majority of commenters took the side of the MRT staff, lambasting the woman for having her mask down in the first place.

Others reiterated that the staff was simply doing his job, and claimed she was giving "excuses".

Some commenters, however, admitted that the staff was rather harsh, but that there was no need for the woman to "shame" the staff by sharing the incident on social media.

Mothership has reached out to SBS Transit for comment, and will update the story when they reply.

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