More dentists offer discounted services to migrant workers, 1 even performed free root canal


Ashley Tan | May 11, 2021, 12:25 PM

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Since a recent call put out by a local community initiative ItsRainingRaincoats (IRR) for dentists to offer free dental care to migrant workers, several have stepped up to offer their services.

Workers unable to afford treatment

Oftentimes, migrant workers who subsist on a meagre wage are unable to afford dental care.

IRR said that some workers have attempted to seek help for themselves, but immediately made an about-turn after entering at the dentist upon discovery of the exorbitant prices.

Many have thus "suffered in silence" despite the pain.

Previously, IRR shared an incident where a migrant worker had been plagued for days by a bad toothache.

The organisation subsequently managed to find a dentist willing to reduce the cost of the tooth surgery, which typically costs around S$1,000, to S$100.

A free root canal treatment

Since then, a number of kind dentists have reached out to IRR.

In a Facebook post on May 8, IRR shared that the dentists have offered to provide their dental services for free or at heavily discounted prices.

One happy customer, Titu, was desperately in need of a root canal treatment. Unfortunately, another clinic had quoted him S$2,000.

One kind dentist named Dr. Huang stepped forward and carried out the treatment free of charge.

Here's Titu smiling after his treatment.

Photo from IRR / FB

IRR ended off by thanking the many dentists that have offered their help.

"We've had a few other dentists who committed to provide ad hoc dental treatments free of charge, and so they did, when we reached out with workers suffering from toothaches and other issues. We cannot thank these dentists and the community enough for the support and welcome more dentists coming forward to help these workers regain those lovely smiles they deserve."

You can read IRR's full post here.

Top photo from IRR / FB